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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are you a nationwide company?
A Enviro-Tek provides national coverage with our headquarters situated in Essex, along with offices and maintenance facilities located in Hertfordshire, the Midlands, Yorkshire, South Wales and the South West. We also have a large comprehensive network of service provides all over the UK so we can offer reliable services and competitive pricing to national account
Q Do we have to purchase the equipment outright?
A Of course this option is available but no, we offer a number of flexible rental or lease purchase options over short or longer term periods. By renting the equipment offers better tax relief and more importantly and instant impact on your cost saving.
Q How will I know what baler or compactor to choose for my application?
A A member of our sales team will assist in making the right choice for you, they will visit site to measure waste volume outputs and types of materials generated and offer the best equipment for the task. Please contact us for a free waste audit.
Q Will it cost me more because of equipment investment?
A No, by segregating materials from your general waste stream for recycling you are saving on ever increasing disposal/landfill cost and reduce transport frequency along with reaping a return for the baled material. The payback or rental cost of equipment is minimal compared to these saving.
Q Are the compactors & balers safe to use?
A Yes, 100%. All our equipment is CE approved and fully EU Health & Safety Compliant. On installation full training is provided on the use of equipment and all operatives are then certificated. Organisation such as schools, colleges and hospitals utilise our equipment where safety is vital.
Q Why bale my material for recycling and not just place it in bin or skips?
A By baling your recyclable material at source we can collect your materials and send them direct to the mill to be re-processed and you will therefore reap the materials rebate direct. In waste containers such as skips or bins the material will require baling by the collection company before it can be sent for re-processing. The majority of these collections will incur a charge with no rebate due to transport and handling cost.

In essence we are “cutting the middle man out.
Q Do I need a lot of space to store material?
A No, we can offer you collections on a small number of bales and still provide a return. We appreciate that space is a premium and therefore our customers can utilise their area more productively.
Q My cardboard waste is contaminated with stickers and sellotape, can it still be recycled?
A Yes our re-processors will not mind a small amount of contamination and due to our broad network of re-processors we will find a viable outlet for almost any material
Q How will I know when my compactor is full and not calling for a collection to early?
A Our compactors are coupled with a 80% pre-full & 100% full warning system so you are guaranteed maximum container payloads ensuring a minimum collection frequency.
Q Can only authorised personnel operate equipment?
A Yes, all equipment can be isolated with a key switch or on the isolator. All doors and loading apertures can be locked for safety and to prevent fly tipping along with vandal proof lockable covers on control panels.
Q Do I have to take labels off plastic film for them to be recycled?
A No, these can be processed for recycling attached to the film.
Q Can Polystyrene be recycled?
A Polystyrene can be recycled into a number uses. It can be remoulded into new polystyrene products, or recycled to produce new products entirely such as a hardwood replacement for garden furniture or slate replacement for roof tiles. Our polystyrene compactor will reduce the product down 40:1 into dense bricks that makes it economical for us to transport and in most cases provide a rebate.

The nature of waste types such as polystyrene and plastics is such that it is not considered to be toxic in a landfill situation and is non-biodegradable, but nevertheless landfill should always be a last resort for any waste.
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