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Mill Size Vertical Balers

The Enviro-Tek ET-V63 Mill Size Baler is a semi automatic, single chamber machine designed to compact materials including cardboard, paper, plastic packaging, plastic drums, foam, steel banding and fibreboard kegs at ratios of up to 20:1.

With its large loading aperture, fast cycle time and high compaction force it is particularly suited to processing high volumes of material quickly and efficiently.

Features of Equipment
  • Mill size bales to maximise revenue.
  • 50 tonne compaction force.
  • Automatically opening front shutter door for easy loading.
  • Bale full indicator.
  • Fully interlocked safety guarding and opening doors.
  • Dual control bale ejection system.
  • Fully automated ejection of bale.
  • Material retaining claws to reduce spring back.
  • Large feed opening for bulky waste and quick throughput.
  • Distortion free press plate with guidance on all sides.
  • Large feed opening for bulky waste and quick throughput.
  • High speed cycle time.
  • Lifetime structural warranty.
  • Heavy duty construction for life longevity.
  • Fully rated for outside use.
  • Fully EU Health and Safety Compliant.
  • Low maintenance.
  • CE approved.
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Mill Size Vertical Balers

ET-V63 Mill Size Baler

ET-V63 Ejecting Bale

ET-V63HD Balers

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