Thursday, December 13, 2018

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Since waste disposal costs continue to increase dramatically, minimizing these costs can have a significant positive impact on your operating expenses. Our compactors can reduce the frequency of costly waste collections. Fewer collections drastically lower excessive waste disposal costs along with reduced carbon emissions. This demonstrates an all round saving and a great way to show you’re helping look after our environment.

We supply a full range of compaction equipment to meet all application for Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Kitchens, Food Factories, Markets, Shopping Centre’s to name but a few. These include our Static series that can be configured to suit all types of loading applications to our portable units that provide a complete leak and odour proof option making them ideal for any food waste; these can also be bespoke to meet a variation of loading application and installations.


  • Cost savings - reduced collection fees.
  • Improved carbon foot print.
  • Enhanced environmental performance.
  • Improved hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Reduced manual handling.
  • Improved time and motion.
  • Reduction in potential fire risk.
  • Units can be secured (no fly tipping).
  • More control of waste.
  • Less vehicle movement and visits to site.
  • Eliminate vermin attraction.
  • Assist duty of care obligations.
  • Centralise your whole operation.

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