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Portable Compactors

Enviro-Tek’s portable series range from the smaller skip type unit up to the larger Roll-On Roll-off compactor. Both have the option of either a straight or swept ram design.
Our straight ram design with deep container penetrating delivers up to 38 tonne compaction force to ensure a maximum container payload. The swept ram systems are specifically designed to aid in the disposal of liquid and food wastes. Due to the robust nature of our units they have a long service life expectancy.

Industry proven 100% leak/odour proof eliminating the escape of waste/wind scatter and unpleasant odours around the working area and also during transit. This will also prevent any attraction to vermin and assist in your “duty of care obligations”.

The units can be designed to suit all loading applications, options include spring balanced lid, fully enclosed hopper with various door designs to suit, integral mobile or static dock loading tipping devices for various size bins, bespoke hoppers and body design. Our systems can be built to specific dimensions where height restriction and limited access applies.

Features of Equipment

  • Fully contained, 100% leak proof.
  • Up to 38 tonne compaction force.
  • Deep compaction ram penetration and retaining claws to prevent spring back from waste material.
  • Up to 8:1 compaction ratio.
  • High volume throughput (2.2m3).
  • ¾ full and full warning lights guaranteeing maximum container payloads.
  • Full safety interlocks.
  • Multi cycle timer.
  • Phase changer.
  • Oil and Temperature warning control.
  • Smooth cleanline and conical container design for easy emptying.
  • Top hinged discharge door.
  • Heavy duty construction for life longevity.
  • Compaction area and compaction plate made from extra thick hardened steel.
  • Fully EU Health & Safety Compliant.
  • Low maintenance.
  • CE approved.

Options Available

  • Customised tippers and hoppers.
  • Universal mobile or integrated bin tippers 120 - 1100 ltr.
  • Rear position hook and front metal rollers.
  • Lockable vandal proof control covers.
  • Key operated isolated switch.
  • Remote control station via cable and plug.
  • Automatic phone in service (sms - service) informing the contractor the machines are ready for emptying.
  • Drainage valve to rid excess fluid.
  • Colour choice and customer signage.

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Email us here or call 0844 800 9337 to speak to an Enviro-Tek adviser.

Portable Compactors

ET-10ST Compactor

ET-12ST with Bin Tipper

ET-24ST with Bin Tipper

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